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Hardware & Networking course


Hardware & Networking course

If you are looking for Computer Hardware and Networking Training Course in Jamshedpur, you have reached the right place. Welcome to India’s premier desktop, Laptop and mobile phone chip level technology training institute – mindpro Academy

Mindpro people to learn how to assemble and disassemble the laptop and desktop computers. It is connected with knowledge in the field of hardware and chip-level maintenance of various technologies. The future of this industry is a prime example that if you think you are interested in it, and you are passionate about this area, it is time to get training in our country.

Basic Electronics:

  • Introduction of Electronics.
  • Symbols of electronic component.
  • Current, Voltage, Power.
  • Conductor, Insulator, Semi Conductor.
  • Passive and Active components.
  • Different Semiconducting device.
  • Number system
  • Binary conversion, Addition, Subtractions, Multiplication and Division.
  • Logic Gates
  • Multiplexer & Demultiplexer
  • Flip-Flop, Counter, Shift Register


  • PC Hardware, Operating Systems and Networking
  • ESD Norms
  • Different Peripheral Devices to Assemble the PC
  • CMOS Setup
  • Assembling and Disassembling the PC
  • Installation of Windows XP Professional Operating and their overview
  • Installation of Windows 7 & 8 Operating System and their overview
  • Installation of Windows2008 Server Operating and their overview
  • Installation of various device driver
  • Installation of Network & Local Printer
  • Installation of various software
  • Basic networking and Cabling system
  • Different Network Devices
  • OSI Layer
  • IP Address

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